Dry Hair Extensions

If you have dry hair extensions, then you are not alone.

Unfortunately dry hair extensions is  a very common issue for women who love weave. Thirsty hair extensions can be due to many things, such as, over processing from the manufacturer, environmental damage, chlorine or salt water exposure, hard water, heat tools and coloring of the extensions.

Dry hair extensions are NOT a girl’s best friend, But don’t worry girl we will teach you how to fix that naughty weave.

Unfortunately hair extensions do not have the ability to keep themselves hydrated due to the inability to produce sebum or oil, like our natural hair. So over time due to heat styling, environmental factors, not using the right product you are left with dry hair extensions that are constantly tangling. Don’t fret though with a few minor changes and a little education you can repair and prevent bad weave from happening to YOU!

Best Treatment For Dry Hair Extensions

  1. A boar bristle brush will be your best friend. This will help to distribute the natural oils from your scalp to your extensions. Boar bristles are the key to distributing the oil. A regular brush will not do the job. 
  2. Make sure you are using the recommended product that your stylist recommends from shampoo, conditioner, hair mask and styling products. All of Big Kizzy’s products were made specifically for the needs of women that have hair extensions. Using the right product in the right way will help to prevent damage due to heat and environmental factors
  3. PRO TIP-For extra conditioning for thirsty hair extensions, you can use Chemical Love Affair as a Hair Mask. All you have to do is apply Chemical Love Affair to towel dried hair. Next carefully comb through with a detangling brush. Big Kizzy recommends that you this hair mask on for 10-15 minutes and then thoroughly rinse.  You can complete your look by using the desired amount of Big Kizzy’s Split Personality. Style and slay.
  4. Dry Conditioner is a girl’s best friend! Our light “Dry Conditioner” quenches thirsty dry ends and smoothes the rough texture of second or third day hair. Happy Hour is designed to help extend the life of extensions, color and Keratin treatments by reducing shampoo frequency

Dry Extensions happen however if you make sure to follow these simple tips you can repair and prevent a Dry Hair 911!