Hair Extension Tools

Hair Extension Tools to Eliminate Slipping

The beauty of tape extensions is how easy they are to apply. Often, that is also its downfall. We have all had clients that have had issues with tapes prematurely slipping and falling out. Tape slipping or falling out can be due to several reasons. However you can have piece of mind by eliminating yourself from the equation. One of the easiest ways to do that is the use of hair extension tools like Blueberry!

Blueberry reduces bond failure by evenly applying pressure and alleviating air pockets. This creates a tight seal so your tape applications last longer.

We call this Blueberry because “she” is super cute, the color of a berry, fits in your hand and will be your new BFF in no time. Blueberry is an absolute must for all tape in hair extension applications.

Blueberry Applies an even pressure to “seal” tape extension panels. She dramatically reduces the chances slippage and “bond” failure.