Ho do I dry my hair extensionsHow Do I Dry My Hair Extensions?

So you just got a beautiful set of hair extensions, but have you thought, how do I dry my hair extensions? If you haven’t well you should!!  Hair extensions need to be treated far more gently to ensure they last and stay soft! Let’s face it we know weave is not cheap and if it is well be careful, because it’s often too good to be true.

So let mama Kizzy give you a few tips and tricks to make sure you are blow drying your crowning glory the right way!

Prep Your Weave Before Drying

Step 1: First, we recommend brushing your hair BEFORE you shower with a detangling brush.  After you shower, spray Big Kizzy’s Happy Hour Conditioner from mid to ends. Next, gently work your way through your hair extensions with a detangling brush, being careful not to tug on the attachment site.  Be extra cautious as hair is more fragile when it is wet!!!  PRO TIP: If you have tape in extensions, Big Kizzy recommends holding your  attachment point as you brush each section of your hair.

Step 2: Once your hair is tangle free make sure to check your bonds or weft for any slipping or tangling.  Run your fingers in and around the bonds or weft track to be sure that they have not become tangled during the process of shampooing and brushing. You may need to  pull free any stray hairs that may have become tangled. NOW you can begin the process of drying your weave!

Here are Big Kizzy’s Step by Step PRO TIPS for the PERFECT hair extension blow out.

Step 1: If you are wearing a pre-bonded keratin method i.e. glue, we recommend blow drying your hair extensions right away. Allowing your hair extensions to sit damp can cause the bonds to become sticky and no one needs that mess. If you are wearing another method such as micro ring hair extensions, nano ring hair extensions, tape hair extensions or weft hair extensions, then you can allow your hair to air dry slightly before blow drying.

Step 2: Begin blow drying your hair extensions on a medium heat setting, focusing on the roots first. If you prefer to section your hair when blow drying that’s fine. You do you.  Make sure not to catch those bonds or wefts with your clips.

If you’re not a pro with the barrel brush, don’t worry,  you can stick to the good old fashioned rough drying technique. Make sure you don’t get carried away with whipping your hair back and forth!

PRO TIP: Make sure with tape extensions to pinch your panels together as you blow dry. This will reinforce your attachment point and give you a longer wear time.

Step 3: In order to get the most out of your hair extensions, you should ensure that your hair is fully dry before styling.  Also never sleep with your hair extensions damp or wet. If you are blow drying your hair extensions before bed- GIRL MAKE SURE  that your hair extensions are fully dry before that head hits the pillow.

Step 4: For best results when blow drying your hair extensions, use Big Kizzy’s Split Personality Keratin Infused Serum  to reduce tangling, prevent frizz and to condition your hair extensions. Seriously it’s like a mini Keratin treatment that will extend the longevity of extensions and Keratin treatments.  Hair extensions need a little extra TLC to keep them silky smooth. So it’s important to give them a little hair treat any time you shampoo your hair.

Step 5: Style and Slay Girl!!!!